Schumacher Cougar Sv2 2WD EP Buggy Review

The Schumacher brand of RC cars was created in the 1980s and quickly became one of the pioneers 1/10th electric touring RC cars.

The Schumacher RC cars have won several titles in national and international competitions and began diversifying their products range with models, such as Fusion, Menace or XTR. A brand new investment has become an interesting new RC car recently released, called the Cougar Sv2 2WD EP Buggy. This is strictly a competition buggy, the heir of the successful Cougar SV, a winner in the British Off-Road National Championships.

They sure got the name right, as this new buggy is shorter, sleeker and faster than its predecessor, just like a cougar! It’s sleek and aerodynamic thanks to the compact design, mid-motor position, which perfectly balances the RC car and keeps the center of gravity low. Several other features contribute to its lower center of gravity, like the alloy chassis. The company takes the buggy to the next level with the hard anodized, laser-etched, alloy chassis. It also features a new heavy-duty differential, drive shafts, and transmission bearings.

The big bearing differential is really heavy-duty, but it has a smaller diameter and it’s more lightweight, which offers a low rotating mass. The kit features 26 new red seal ball bearings which ensure a longer lifespan. The large transmission bearings are long and extremely reliable. This buggy is really tough and can handle really well in all kinds of surface and conditions thanks to these features, and also to the new interchangeable, CNC internal and external gears, which have optional ratios. You can optimize gear ratio according to the track conditions.

The Cougar Sv2 2WD EP Buggy features several other new features, such as strengthened rear wheels, perfect for the two-wheel-drive system; they are stronger, but still, have the industry-standard wheel fitment. The steering levers are also extremely strong, with a unique constant radius steering system, which can really deliver that Ackermann steering you are looking for. The buggy has more traction thanks to the new UJ driveshafts with long bone and shorter axle. They can be disassembled for maintenance or repairs. Speaking of assemblies, the new rigid wing system is also easy to assemble and it’s stronger as it delivers less wing flex.

Because it’s prepared for difficult track conditions and off-road racing tracks, dirt and debris entering the components can be considered a real problem. Protection from heat is also an important imperative for this buggy. That’s why Schumacher has fitted the buggy with a molded gear cover, for a better spur gear protection, an alloy motor plate, with a larger surface which offers better cooling and rigidity to the buggy.

The suspension is fully adjustable, with rear wishbones that offer lower position shock mounting options for both smooth and heavy-duty tracks. The height of the differential is easily adjustable with no change in geometry, and the pivot control system is also adjustable for smooth suspension action.

This sleek and fun electric buggy tops at over 40 mph and it’s specifically designed for off-road competitions. Built to withstand rough track conditions and dust and debris, this is one rough and resistant buggy!


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