Kyosho Ultima RT5 Review

Kyosho has put years of experience and research and development into creating models specifically aimed to produce maximum performance.

Benefiting from experience and engineering, Kyosho is able to create interesting RC cars, which handle well on the race track but are also fun to drive. Kyosho Ultima RT5 is no exception. This car was made to rule the race track. Simply put, the main goal of this car is to win.

Light and strong, the chassis features a special formula of carbon fiber composite for the best balance of performance and durability. Its stiffness is enhanced thanks to the braces, which were placed strategically on the chassis, so they don’t add any unnecessary weight to the car. The RT5’s chassis features an adjustable battery mounting position, which handles battery packs as well as stick packs and it is designed in order to allow you to shift weight bias to suit track conditions.

The bumper plate, the suspension block, the nose plate, and the front bulkhead come together with great in order to form a rigid assembly, to which the front suspension arms mount to. The pin angle can be easily adjusted by simply flipping the suspension mount. This can be very handy because it gives you more options when you’re setting up your truck. The rear suspension arms are attached to the chassis using separate suspension mounts, thus allowing anti-squat adjustment. The new rear-wheel hubs feature a new and interesting function, which allows you to make a quick tire change without any tools.

The truck’s transmission is placed in a smaller housing that keeps the motor as low and as close to the transmission as possible. The RT5’s transmission is a three gear system with a new heavy-duty SP idler gear and internal ball differentials.

Ball bearings provide smooth movement inside the steering assembly for the bell cranks. They are mounted at the same angle as the suspension arms. As you can see, Kyosho has paid much attention to detail when creating this car, because it has thought of everything! The equal angle of the suspension arms and the steering bell cranks eliminates bump steer and produces more Ackerman geometry. This means you’ll get to tune more your truck to the terrain conditions and driving styles.


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