HPI E10 Monster Energy Falken Tire Ford Mustang Review

Are you a fan of the thrills of drifting? If you don’t want to put your real car on the line, you could try drifting with the HPI E10 drift RC car!

This car is an entry-level electric RC car designed for fun and thrills on the race track, featuring also a realistic look. As if this the typical dedication to realism that HPI has weren’t enough, this RC car takes it to the next level by being a complete replica of the car of drifting champion Vaughn Gittin Jr! Every detail of the award-winning drifting car was scaled down to the 1/10 dimensions.

This RC car is advertised as a ready-to-run car and it is able to deliver on the track! The box comes with everything you need to hit the tracks as soon as possible. All you need are the batteries for the transmitter and receiver and you’re ready to go! The RC car is equipped with the 2.4Ghz transmitter, the officially licensed HRE wheels, Falken drift tires, Plazma battery pack, and a wall charger. The high-performance 2.4 GHz radio system provides you with the best possible vehicle operation and control and it’s equipped with DSM technology, so you won’t have to face interference with other radio systems.

The E10 drift RC car uses the full-time four-wheel-drive system and dual wishbone suspension for high performance and easy handling. The four-wheel-drive system ensures stable traction, and combined with the specific drift chassis layout, offers high efficiency and easy maintenance.

The hard compound T-drift tires make drifting easier because they hold a smooth line and a maximum drift angle just like real drifting cars. The drivetrain is enclosed and keeps dirt and debris out of the gears, thus helping with the easy maintenance and reliability on the drift track. Moreover, the car is protected from crashes thanks to a large foam bumper. The front and rear bevel differentials are used for smooth cornering, which is actually a requisite in drifting.

The E10 also includes a high-performance SC-15WP electronic speed controller, which has throttle, brakes, and reverse. The car is powered by the brushed Saturn 27T electric motor, which handles great and it is a perfect fit for a drifting car! Moreover, the car is easily customizable thanks to the standard body mounting parts which can accommodate several other bodies, if you’re not a big fan of the Mustang GT! Apart from that, you can convert it from a drifting car to a touring car without adding extra parts, because the motor and radio equipment can be moved in order to optimize the weight balance.

Drifting can easily wear out a car, but the components of this RC car handle greatly in drifting conditions, especially the tires, which are paramount to a successful drifting session. The main advantage of this car, aside from the pure drifting fun it’s going to deliver, is the level of realism and detail that is over the top. You’ll notice that your RC car will be a real head-turner!

Completely ready to run and easy to drive, this RC car also scores points in durability and also coolness, due to the ability to combine performance and realistic appearance. Of course, let’s not forget about the Mustang GT body with which the RC car is equipped, an instant classic!


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