Porsche 911 (997) turbo cabriolet PDK Review

Most remote-controlled cars will impress you with impressive speeds, interesting designs, and overall technical wonders.

They usually are very competitive and they look aggressive on the race track thanks to their impressive specifications and body graphics. This model we’re looking at in this article sums up all these characteristics, but it is so much more than that. Porsche 911 (997) Turbo Cabriolet PDK is a Lego masterpiece! The car is assembled out of Lego parts and what is more striking about this RC car is that everything on the 911 is fully functional!

It was a great choice to create a Lego RC car that mimics an all-time classic, the Porsche 911, probably the most famous sport-coupé in the world. The PDK stands for its dual-clutch gearbox, while 997 is the name of the fifth generation of Porsche 911. Over 3,500 parts were used to create this vehicle, including eight electric motors, three remote controls and about 21 feet of wiring. In total, the car weighs about 3.65kg.

Lego creations have indeed a reputation of excellence and every Lego model, from little people to skyscrapers, is awesome. Well, those Lego people have a new car now, in the form of the Porsche 911 (997) Turbo Cabriolet PDK. Even Porsche’s PDK dual-clutch transmission is functional, proving that this is not a static model, because the transmission works pretty well and puts power into the four-wheel-drive system. The transmission sequence runs from the engine to the gearbox, the clutch and finally the wheels, ensuring a smooth operation. But this operation is carried out by two RC motors that are connected to a battery and send the transmission to the gearbox and to the engine, a classic Porsche Boxer 6 engine.

Moreover, the Cabriolet is not just a name added to this Porsche, because the hardtop and the hood release do work! Cleverly placed levers help you turn on/off the batteries or to pop the hood. Also, the doors have a real locking system, you just have to click the handles and they will open easily. Remote-controlled features are important to keep the car running smoothly. Such features include front steering with working steering wheel, front anr rear lights, adjustable spoiler, folding top, disk brakes with rear lights, dual-clutch gearbox with +R speeds, remote progressive accelerator, etc.

The Cabriolet is extremely accurate to the real thing, boasting the same steering rack ratio as the real car and mimics all proportions of the real 911, such as the 22 degree steering wheel tilt, the fact that the steering wheel turns exactly 2.6 laps, and last, but not least, it has an axle load weight of 40% in the front and 60% in the rear.

Of course, this model is too carefully thought out to be put on the race track. This model is the creation of one rc car enthusiast who values real cars, as well as tiny rc cars. You can clearly see this passion in every detail of the car and his commitment to reproduce accurately every tiny element.


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