Kyosho Inferno GT Review

The supremacy of Japanese engineering is clearly visible in all of Kyosho RC cars. Of course, Kyosho Inferno GT is no exception, but this car is all about on-road speed and great handling.

Prepare for a thrilling race and maximum performance when handling this car! To give you a sense of what this RC car is really all about, you need to know that the power and torque of the GRX28 engine is the force behind this new RC car. Combine the racing performance of the Inferno at its core with the low rotating mass of this engine and you’ll get one impressive ride! You’ll get right out of the box everything you need to race this RC car.

Everything, from the body graphics to the manufacture of each part, was created with a great deal of attention to detail. While it was intended for on-road racing and handling, this RC car has an adjustable ground clearance to multiple levels so you can accommodate different driving surfaces. The four-wheel-drive system is powered by drive shafts coupled with good tires, provides excellent grip and handling, keeping the car firm on the road, and the independent adjustable suspension system makes up for some inconsistencies on the race track. Thus, the Inferno handles really well during high-speed runs and sharp corners. The suspension is fully adjustable and modifications can be done in order to upgrade or adapt this RC car to your driving style.

The massive 4.6cc GXR28 engine will give this car excellent acceleration and torque. Thanks to it, the RC car tops out around 50 mph, which is great to thrill all the beginners and satisfy the veterans in the field of RC cars. Such a massive engine needs a large tank and Kyosho thought about this when they put the 125 cc fuel tank. The exhaust pipe is made out of aluminum, while the all-important brakes are vented metal with steel-backed fiber pads. They provide the maximum stopping power and they are durable, even if they are really stressed out. The front end of the RC car is equipped with a large foam bumper, which protects the vehicle in case of an impact.

This nitro gas powered RC car has electrical components, which are placed in a sturdy casing for protection. They require replaceable batteries for power, which are not included in your package. The radio system used by the Kyosho Inferno GT is an all-analog AM radio with throttle and steering adjustment knobs.

This car is perfect for beginners because they can learn the ropes of RC cars and RC car driving, but it’s great also for experienced drivers, as all the tuning options can offer a fantastic driving experience. For example, if you want to turn this RC car into something more durable, there are many machined aluminum parts available so you can replace all the plastic ones.

This rc car comes in several body kits, the most impressive of all being the Aston Martin body kit, with an interesting license plate: 007! Moreover, you can buy it with a BMW M3 body, Subaru Impreza or even Ferrari F430 GT.

The Kyosho Inferno will surely be lots of fun to drive, thanks to all the performance, handling and thrills it’s capable of offering. The attention to details is another important factor in creating an interesting driving experience, and Kyosho is capable of delivering the full package!


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