HPI Blitz Short Course Truck Review

HPI has entered the exciting world of short course truck with the help of this exciting RC truck model, named The Blitz.

hey based its platform on the powerful E-Firestorm, but it’s some much more than that. Either you are a fan of bashing or a fan of short course racing, this truck can perform well in both circumstances and it won’t disappoint you in terms of speed and durability.

The truck is a 1/10th scale, electric 2 wheels drive short course truck with powerful technical specifications. Moreover, it’s fully ready to race right out of the box and also has a radio. You just need to add some powerful batteries, such as the LiPo ones, for the truck and radio and you’re ready to go. With standard settings and LiPo batteries, the truck’s top speed reaches about 30mphs, which is pretty good and it is the average speed for short course trucks. You won’t have any problems in competing on the race track.

The HPI Blitz uses four threaded shock bodies for easier suspension adjustments. On all four corners, there are white shock springs filled with shock fluid. You can also tune the suspension thanks to the front and back shock towers which have several mounting positions. Also, the captured hinge pins help make the suspension smoother and reduce maintenance time. The toe, camber, caster are fully adjustable.

The steering system is powered by the SF-1 stock steering servo, which steers the front wheels and helps the two-wheel drive system do its jobs. The standard dual bell crank is angled to fit the front kick-up angle and, along with the draglink steering system with the servo saver, help protect the servo in case of impact.

The transmission is really smooth and transfers power to the rear wheels with the help of all metal gears. The adjustable slipper clutch limits and adjusts the power if you’re up against slippery surfaces and it also adds extra protection to the complete drivetrain. The oil-filled metal spider differential increases steering and maneuverability. The system features a plastic cover for the protection of the pinion and spur gears from the accumulation of dust and debris and a quick-access cover for trackside adjustments. This short course truck also features a full set of rubber-sealed ball bearings.

The electronics compartment also looks good, as the Blitz is equipped with the HPI standard TF-1 two-channel AM radio, SF-1 steering servo and the SC-15 electronic speed controller with reverse. The ESC offers smooth control and braking is extremely easy without the truck going out of control. The electric truck features the HPI Firebolt 15T motor, which delivers good top speeds of about 30 mph, as stated above, and good acceleration. The motor also has an internal cooling fan, perfect to keep the operating temperature low.

A key ingredient in the making of the HPI Blitz was the degree of realism it delivers thanks to the bumpers, wheels and the Maxxis ATTK-10 body. This body is painted with decals right out of the box and it is trimmed. The Blitz features also nice rubber mudflaps for an added touch of realism. The chassis is made out of thick plastic/nylon which offers extreme resistance to crashes and impact. Both bumpers use pivoting skid plates, with the front bumper having different mounting holes to adjust the skid plate and bumper angle. The Blitz uses Trepador Competition Bias tires, which add realism to the truck. You can switch front and rear tires thanks to the 12mm hex in the front and rear of the truck.

All in all, this is a serious short course truck, perfect both for bashing and racing. Its strengths are the awesome E-Firestorm stadium truck chassis, the fully adjustable suspension, and the realistic full-scale look.


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