Kyosho DBX 2.0 Review

Kyosho is famous for releasing extremely competitive products, which are perfect either for cruising the tracks by timing laps or for tearing up the local dirt track.

The Kyosho DBX 2.0 buggy is no exception to this rule, and, thanks to its technical specifications and appealing appearance and affordable price it is really enticing for newcomers in the field of RC racing. The 1/8 scale is one of the most prestigious categories in RC racing and this might be another reason why beginners would want to enter the racing field in this category. But let’s see what the fuss is all about!

This buggy gets the beginners off to a flying start with its long wheelbase and tread, as well as its tires and wheels. The long-wheelbase is able to dynamic performances on the track. The chassis features a four-wheel independent double-wishbone suspension and full-time four-wheel-drive system. The flat finishing of the countersunk chassis leaves no screws sticking out of it.

The suspension system of the DBX 2.0 performs great on the race track. Its design features multi-point setting adjustments, such as the chassis height, front and read camber, front and rear toe-in. It also features fully interchangeable suspension arms and front-rear interchangeable knuckles and shock stays. The big-bore shocks feature oil-filled dampers that soak up the rough terrain. The multiple adjustment holes on the shock towers allow you to tune the suspension settings to your liking.

The technical systems are well balanced with the power of the GXR-18SP engine and together they are able to deliver impressive performances on the track. The engine is powered by a large capacity fuel tank, which delivers a stable fuel supply. The engine includes a recoil starter, torque tuned muffler, and a large air cleaner. Maintenance is thus easier to perform, while the air cleaner and the dirt-proof radio box will keep dirt, dust and other particles away from the components.

You’ll be able to easily tune the engine and the suspension to fit its settings to your driving style and racing conditions. The center shaft drive with three differentials delivers a full four-wheel drive. Also, dual disc brakes allow you to adjust the front and rear braking power. Thus, it will be easier for you to retain control on the track, while the massive fuel tank will keep you running for as long as 15 minutes! The servo has enough power to lock up both front and rear brakes and stop the buggy when needed. The acceleration handles very well thanks to the engine and the steering is powered by the Kyosho KS-101BK powerful digital servos, which deliver superior controllability.

Control on the track is eased by the 10-spoke wheels and the square patterned tires, which are rigid but also add a little more style to your buggy. They have pretty good traction and handle extremely well both in on-road conditions, as well as in off-road races. You should know that any 1/8 scale wheels built on the industry standard of a 17mm hex will work on the DBX 2.0 buggy.

The bottom line is that the DBX 2.0 is a fun buggy that is perfect for those wanting to enter into the nitro racing field. It’s ready to race out of the box and all you’ll need is batteries for the radio transmitter and fuel to power it!


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