CEN Racing Magnum NX Review

Want to enter into RC racing, especially RC trucks? The CEN Magnum NX has a lot to offer if you’re a beginner and the major advantage is the fact that you won’t have to pay too much for your first own nitro-powered RC truck.

With features such as a low center of gravity chassis, the NX 3.0 high power nitro engine or the long-travel oil-filled shocks, the Magnum will easily prove to you that it’s a strong and aggressive car packed with a lot of speed and maneuverability.

The truck is fully equipped and ready to race; all you need to power are the batteries for the transmitter and receiver, nitro fuel, glow igniter and oil. The overall aspect of the car is based on a strong and aggressive image thanks to the interesting color combination, which offers a stark contrast. All in all, the body arrives completely detailed, with all the necessary body holes pre-drilled into it.

The 2.5mm chassis plate sits below all the components, including the differentials. The fuel tank is mounted on the left side of the blue-anodized chassis and in front of the .18cc motor and composite pipe. The right side of the chassis houses the receiver box. The underside of the chassis is smooth thanks to all the countersunk hardware, while its front has a kick-up, which enhances the truck’s caster angle and prevents the nose of the truck from digging into the dirt when landing. The front side sports a chrome bumper, which protects the car from impact and crashes. The rear doesn’t have a bumper, but a rear skid plate. Both the rear and front parts of the truck have 2mm tie bars, which brace the 4mm thick suspension pins.

The upper and lower suspension arms, along with their components, are universal throughout the truck, but the truck is still equipped with pivot ball suspension and bearings. The axle carriers have a circular design, which allows the hub to be used at either end of the truck, thus maintaining compatibility with both the steering links and toe links. The axle is a CVD unit with a 4.5 diameter, while the outer axle has a 5mm diameter which rides on 5x11x4mm bearings. The hex sits on a 2mm axle pin in order to connect the drivetrain to the wheels and tires. The shock mount which is posted on the lower suspension arm is reversible on the other side of the arm, so you can use it in any corner of the truck.

The differentials are put in split cases for the left and right parts. The front differential housing has a sharp angle in order to ease the adjustability of the caster setting of the truck. Moreover, the shock tower is mounted directly on this differential housing, while the body assembly is attached to the tower. The body posts are adjustable. The differentials use a five gear approach, which helps in the even distribution of weight within the 1/10 scale truck. The rear differential supports the two-speed hub and eliminates the need for a rear driveshaft. That’s why the driveshaft is so long, it’s actually a hardened steel dog bone shaft which stretches the entire length of the chassis.

The truck has to withstand impact and heavy racing on the track and that’s why the Magnum NX is equipped with a nice pair of shocks that use plastic preload spacers if you want to adjust ride height. The cap uses an aluminum threaded section which holds the upper part of the shock altogether, thus eliminating the widespread problem of the shock popping off. The truck features several shock mounting positions.

The steering is eased thanks to the Skyion G82122 servo, which is able to provide a lot of torque. It’s mounted on its side, helping to keep the center of gravity low. The engine pumps out massive power thanks to the 25000 rpm range. Combined with a high-flow manifold and a special composite tuned pipe, the Magnum reaches a top speed at approximately 45 mph.


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