RC Car history

Remote control car history stems back quite a ways. I might be dating myself a little bit here, but I remember when some of the first Remote control cars hit the market as a child.

The Grasshopper, the Turbo Hopper and the Golden Arrow were all popular choices; probably because they were available at the local department stores and you could take them right out of the package and drive them. Things have changed tremendously and the world of Remote control car history has been rewritten by its enthusiasts. Some celebrities even prefer to be driven around by a Remote control car so they are carted around while they get hammered and head home from the clubs.

Some or even most of the earlier Remote control cars ever made had the disappointing and very limiting ‘with wire attached’ label on the outside of their package. That means you had to follow your remote-controlled vehicle around where ever it went and you couldn’t leave its side. You might as well clear off the kitchen table and drive it there.

It was really quite pointless. Luckily, the technology in remote control cars has changed quite a bit since they were first introduced to the common market.

They begin with a short wire attached and usually turned one direction, and that was while you were going in reverse. Later came the innovative battery-powered remote control cars and even later the mini gas-powered engines that were being used in several remote control helicopters and airplanes were now brought to RC Cars. And even later, the sophistication of the Remote controlled cars reached heights never thought possible. In today’s RC Market, you can tune, modify and swap custom parts on your ratio controlled the car as easily as you can on the car you drive to work! It’s crazy.

You can start with the chassis of the remote control car and attach and body you want on your ride. The complex components beneath your vehicle’s shell are what propels and steers your incredibly nimble cars. Several RC parts go into each of the higher-end RC cars and now with the idea for replacement and aftermarket RC parts in mind. You can upgrade the RC steering parts, change the suspension for different track purposes or even swap out the entire engine in less than 5 minutes time. Swapping out an RC Gas engine is a little more complicated than the electric RC car engines; one of the few setbacks to having a gas-powered RC car. However, some of the benefits of a gas-powered remote control car can not be challenged by an electric RC car.

Just from doing a few brief searches on Google or even reading this blog, you can instantly tell that Remote control cars have come a long way in a short amount of time. It’s almost insane how far they’ve come and the things they are now capable of. People have learned how to control RC cars and trucks the accelerometers in their phones. People build their own Remote control car, part by part. Through all the changes, remote control cars remain one of the most popular and most profitable hobbies out there.

Remote Control Cars are still one of the biggest hobbies in America and internationally. Don’t be shocked to travel overseas and catch a local RC race going on at the local parking lot or dirt track. Though it can get expensive the deeper you get into the sport, picking up remote control car racing as a hobby is a great way to connect your children while they develop hand-eye coordination.


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