RC Excavators – Hydraulic Cat Digger & Caterpillar Models

Construction toys have come a long way in recent years. For many kids working in construction is a dream job with many developing a lifelong love of machinery such as diggers, trucks, and excavators.

Some of the first toys many of us play with are construction-related. Large construction machinery has always been something that amazes many of us. The development of more sophisticated toys such as RC excavators has helped replicate these machines. As these types of toys continue to increase in popularity, so too do the features and appearance of RC excavators.

In the past construction toys were basic, relatively simple toys. Many became boring to play with but this has all changed because these RC toys have evolved into stand-alone toys that replicate all of the tasks carried out on by real excavators. This combination of kids’ love of large construction machinery and being able to control them remotely makes them one of the coolest types of toys for people interested in this industry.

Like all categories of toys, certain manufacturers are leading the way in research and development of these types of RC toys. Manufacturers like Nitro currently produce a range of high-quality RC excavators that are extremely realistic, both in appearance and in the way they function. All of the specific movements of this type of machinery are taken into account to produce toys that operate in a similar way to the real thing.

RC toys have become more realistic as every year passes. The main types of excavators such as CAT, JCB, Komatsu, and Hitachi all have a distinctive look and this is replicated through these toys. This includes the excavator body, tracks, boom, arm, and bucket. however, these RC toys are much more than just smaller replicas of these construction machines. The latest models carry out all of the actions of these machines such as moving forward, backward, left and right. When it’s time to do some work you can raise and lower these excavators’ arms and booms. The bucket can also be tilted. Once you have become familiar with how to control these toys you can start digging and transferring sand, clay, rocks and other materials just like it’s done on a real construction site.

These toys have multi-function controls that in most cases have a long-distance range. You can control your excavator through easy-to-use controllers with some even giving you the option to operate more than one of these machines at a time. Many of these have a range of 50 foot with more advanced models having a range of even more than this.

Most types of vehicles and machines now have an RC counterpart. For many years one of the most popular types of construction machines has been the excavator. This too has a range of RC toys that are extremely realistic both in the way they look and how they operate, making it possible to have your own miniature construction site.

Rc hydraulic excavators can be pretty impressed with the loads they put up. The RC cat excavator, RC excavator digger and RC Caterpillar excavators come to mind. However, other real working hydraulic excavators from brands like Bruder, Damitz, Komatsu, Liebherr, and Kyosho can be found for sale and are excellent producers. The PC1250-8, for instance, by Komatsu is very impressive in what it can do for such a little machine!


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