RC Trucks

If you’re just getting into Remote Controlling, chances are you probably don’t want to kick off your RC Career with a high powered gas engine RC Truck.

Usually, these bad boys are saved for the seasoned vets because of the amount of skill it takes to control one. And if you wreck, the end result could cost you a lot of money after you get your RC truck off-road-ready again. That said, RC Trucks make a great hobby and the custom options available for them is more or less endless. You might find yourself sinking more money into your Radio control truck than you do your own automobile. Maintenance and upkeep on most Nitro RC trucks are constant and requires a little mechanical know-how.

Remote control trucks are probably one of the most fun RC vehicles available. This is largely in part due to their versatility; you can take them off-road and tear up some grass or you can hit the track and tear some ass! No, but in all seriousness, RC Nitro trucks a true joy to watch. They get some of the biggest air on jumps, yet hug the turns like an F1 RC car. Getting the best of both worlds is hard to do in the RC world, but some Remote controlled trucks come very close with their combination of speed and agility like that of an F1 RC race car and the true offroading capabilities RC Trucks have that cars do not.

The popularity of RC Trucks has been growing since Remote Control vehicles first became readily available at your local hobby shop. People picked up on the various these Nitro RC trucks can do and started modifying them before any other RC car, at least to the extent of major modifications. People started swapping out the suspension for a higher quality setup and starting ripping out the factory motors and started using high powered gas engines propelling these things to high speeds. RC trucks even caught international recognition and there are several RC truck competition worldwide including England, the United States, and Japan.

If you’ve ever driven an RC truck, you know exactly what all the hype is about. These things go so fast, speeding through or over anything in its path that they are sometimes hard to control unless you are a very skilled driver. Some RC enthusiasts that really want to push the envelope have installed two engines on the same gas-powered RC truck and have somehow managed to keep it in a straight line.

One of the main benefits of these high-end RC trucks is the state of the art RC truck suspension parts that are used in these custom setups. From the looks of it, remote-controlled trucks can absorb just about any ramp, hill or cliff you toss in its way. When the truck lands, you can see the RC Suspension flex and take the impact that the various terrains present. These RC truck suspension setups are so effective that they have been incorporated into several off-road RC cars and other RC truck hybrids.

There are some really fantastic brands out there including Nitro RC trucks, Tamiya RC trucks, Traxxas RC trucks, HPI and more. You can get electric RC trucks for sale or if you want crazy oomph, you can go gas powered. There are also monster trucks, semi-trucks, mud trucks for mudding and other off-road stuff, brushless trucks, 4Γ—4 models, new bright trucks and other fast vehicles. Scales include 1/4, 1/5 and other fast models.

Remote Control Trucks have a huge a following in the RC world and for good reason. They quick, nimble and can pretty much crawl over anything if you want them too. Don’t get it twisted though; Remote Control trucks are extremely fast too. There are several RC trucks that are faster than a lot of Nitro RC Cars. RC Nitro Trucks are in a league of their own.

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