RC Car Tools

Find the right RC car tools to keep your engine happy!

Starting out in RC racing can be a lot of fun. There’s nothing like harnessing all that speed and performance into your car’s remote control, ready to tear it up from the palm of your hand.

Any R/C driver will tell you that a basic set of RC car tools is absolutely essential to building and maintaining a perfectly tuned RC racer.

Whether you’re racing with gas-powered RC’s, nitro RC cars, or electric RC cars you will need these basic tools. These are NOT the tools at your local hardware store, or the tools that come with your car.

RC cars, radio-controlled trucks, RC planes, and all RC toys need regular maintenance and care, just like your car. A basic set of RC car tools is a must-have for anyone who’s serious about R/C’s. Two publications that offer repair tips are Radio Control Magazine and Car Action Magazine.

Many more experienced RC racers often find the need to add a variety of precision RC Car tools after several years. The amount of RC car tools for experts looking to fine-tune their cars is never-ending, and many RC junkies find it difficult to ever have enough. While all these tools are useful for a professional racer, or hard-core R/C freak, they are by no means essential to novice RC drivers.

What is essential is a basic tool kit containing precision, flat-head, and Phillips screwdrivers. Your toolbox must also have an RC specific set of needlenose pliers, as well as a variety of regular and metric hex wrenches. Other types of pliers, cross-wrenches, and flush cutters are useful for experts who feel the need for speed.

Whether or not you become serious about the hobby, or simply learn to perform some of the basic repairs on your car, learning to use a basic set of RC car tools is a fun activity that will allow you to better understand the inner workings of your RC, and in the end will allow you a better feel of your car’s remote control.

Several name brands create tools made exclusively for the control car. Everyone agrees that if you truly care about your car’s performance, these are the ones to use. Look for name brands like Hudy, Tamiya, Duratrax, Kyosho, Dynamite, Mad Force, Niftech, Traxxas Jato, and XTM. These tools will ensure your RC stays as hot as ever.


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