RC Trucks – Experience the Thrill of Racing Some Heavy Stuff

If you love remote control cars and you enjoy watching life-sized off-road trucks perform their daring maneuvers, then maybe RC trucks are for you. These model trucks are scaled-down versions of actual vehicles, which will enable you to control and direct your own truck-racing adventures in your own backyard.

You can get two kinds of RC car trucks: a stadium truck or a monster truck. A stadium truck is smaller, and different kinds of stadium trucks can have either rear-wheel or four-wheel drive. The stadium truck derives its design from RC buggy cars, and often you can upgrade your stadium RC trucks with the same features that are compatible with RC buggies.

RC monster trucks are 1/10th or 1/8th scale versions of life-sized monster trucks and can perform all the maneuvers of life-sized monster trucks on a smaller scale. Most of the RC monster trucks you can get will have four-wheel drive, extremely long suspension travel, and enormous tires for great traction which give the truck an appearance that fits its character.

Let’s explore the variety of RC car trucks a bit more. If you are new to radio control cars and want to enjoy an RC truck, it will be easier to get an electric truck. You can get 1/10th scale Hummers or SUVs which, as a beginner, you will have no trouble assembling.

Electric RC trucks will be able to go from 14 to 21 miles per hour and provide enjoyment for enthusiasts of any age. If you are an adult RC model enthusiast, try the electric trucks made by Tamiya. If you are younger or have children, then try the Nikko trucks for some excellent RC toys.

If you want to go even smaller in your RC car truck size, you might want to consider electric mini RC trucks at 1/18th or even 1/28th scale. These are great for racing and maneuvering indoors or on tracks where larger RC trucks would simply be too crowded. Electric mini RC trucks can reach speeds of up to 14 miles per hour.

If you already have some experience with RC cars and want a truck that can reach higher speeds, try some nitro RC trucks. Gas-powered RC trucks are tougher to assemble and maintain, but they give significant speed advantages over electric trucks.

The 1/10th scale radio control nitro trucks can go from 25 to over 40 miles per hour, and some can go even faster! For example, the Traxxas Nitro Rustler 2.5 RTR can exceed 47 miles per hour, and the Traxxas Nitro Jato can outrun all other models at 55 miles per hour. Imagine the adventures you can have with an RC car that goes this fast!

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