Mini RC Cars – When Small is Beautiful

Of late, the current trend leans with Mini RC Cars or small scale remote control RC cars. Its scale usually ranges between 1/16 – 1/28, making it convenient for you to drive indoors. Simple to put, the size of the mini RC car ranges from 2 inches to 5 inches long.

Popular names of miniature cars include ZipZaps, XMODS and Microsizers. They are generally less expensive than the typical 1/8 to 1/10 scale RCs. They are easily customizable and often end up being best collectibles to any radio control enthusiast.

ZipZaps usually comes in 1/64 scale and are commonly found at any radioshack near your place. Until now there has been 2 major ZipZaps manufactured, ZipZaps and the ZipZaps Se. The later is preferred than former due to its semi propo and a celled stock duel.

Some used mini RC Cars can be rebuilt for better performance by attaching powerful motors and accessories. Some rebuilt micro RC cars are also available in the market for sale. First-timers to racing enthusiast can follow the instructions and get started with their micro-mini RC cars for faster and an unbelievable performance.

In general, RC racers who are especially on the lookout for mini Radio control cars do so either to satisfy their need for RC toys or for indoor racing. There are 1/18th Scale Mini RC Buggies and mini RC trucks apart from mini RC Cars to choose from.

If you are looking for miniatures then you have a range of cards such as remote-controlled aircraft, radio controlled boats, remote-controlled jet, gas-powered remote control car which perform high, hummer remote control cars and radio-controlled helicopters suiting any race track and giving powerful output.

Most of these mini RC cars are affordable and are usually under $100 – $200 unless you want to go in for a high performing RC racer with many features. You can buy these miniatures at wholesale prices and fit optional accessories as per racers’ requirement.

Kyosho RC Cars and HPI RC racing Cars and Tamiya RCs are big players of these mini RC cars on a large scale. Kyosho’s 1/28th Scale micro RC Car, Mini-Z 4wd, is a tremendous hit in the remote control market. This small yet powerful car is the latest craze offering racing fun even in small and restricted places. Tamiya Tamtech speeds over 20 mph without any extra fittings or modifications.

Another 1/18th scale electric car offered by HPI RC Cars is the Micro RS4 with model names BMW, Chevy and Nissan Skyline. This ready to run comes with a complete remote control system. With an on-road price of $224, these deals are not to be missed! Usually a ready to tun version is more expensive than any plain kit due to the accompanied speed controller and radio control system.

Own a mini RC car today! You can race indoors with your family and friends and of course even kids! These can also make as perfect Christmas gifts!


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