Off-Road and On-road Remote Control Cars – Key Differences

What is the difference between off-road and on-road Remote Control Cars?

Off-Road or Off-Track

Most beginner drivers use their remote control car in their backyard or local park, on the sidewalk or in the alley. Therefore, the best type of RC car or truck for the novice is off-road.
With full suspension, large rubber tires that grip, high chassis clearance and long shock absorbers, the off-road remote control car can be driven anywhere.

Want to race? Want to simply bash around with friends?

The off-road CEN RACING – Buggy #1 – 4WD is the ideal way to get started in RC driving and racing. It comes to you completely built and ready-to-run, painted, detailed … the whole works.

When high speed and durability is required this is the buggy you’re looking for. Our Fun Factor off-road buggies are based around a double-deck aluminum chassis that’s extremely stiff and anodized bright purple. Pivot ball suspension, oil-filled shocks, and fully adjustable toe and camber on all four wheels let you tune your vehicle to any condition.

On-Road or On-Track

Designed for racing at high speeds, on-road RC cars feature 4WD and sleek bodies. These cars require the smooth surfaces of streets and racetracks.

If you’re new to the world of RC vehicles, and so don’t want the hassle of a highly complicated, high-maintenance machine to start out with, but you’re equally leery of a cheap plastic toy that’ll buzz around pathetically and break down every five minutes, we’ve got GREAT news for you – the Schumacher Mi2 1/10th Scale Competition Electric Touring Car is for you. It’s referred to as “The Unfair Advantage!”

Off-road RC cars and trucks can be run on both on-road and off-road terrains. But on-road RC’s cannot be run on off-road surfaces.


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