How to Choose the Scale Radio Control Car That Is Best for You

1:64 is the tiniest model which is more a toy than a hobby RC. 1:4 scale cars are the largest – and the exception. What does that all mean? There are two different meanings to the word “scale”.

1. Relationship of size between the real car and the model: A 1:10 RC vehicle is 10 times smaller than a real vehicle of the same type. A 1:32 scale vehicle is 32 times smaller than the real thing, although these are not very common.

1:8, 1:10, 1:12 are common sizes, 1:10 being the most popular for 1st-time radio control car hobbyists because of the variety of options that are available.

  • 1:10 cars are the most popular of the remote control cars. The 1:10 have simple chassis and come boxed with excellent instructions aimed at new kit builders. The cars are quite inexpensive and are ideal for beginners.

MEGATECH has invested considerable time researching what the most desired performance options are, worked very hard at getting the best prices we can for these options, without sacrificing quality, and then installed them on the MegaTech Nitro Razor XT Pro Cars with M16 Engine & Radio.

  • 1:10 trucks feature big wheels and truck bodies and are excellent for off road. Because the wheels give them a big ground clearance, they can run on very rough terrain.

No other nitro-powered R/C truck in the world can match the winning record of the Team Associated – RC10GT Ready To Run Nitro Powered Truck

1:10 trucks are popular with beginners and highly recommended since they normally have instructions and a wide variety of bodies. They also score high in that they can be used in the backyard. This kind of model can be raced and can lead the modeler into the racing scene.

2. The exactness of a models appearance and/or features compared to the real car.

New on the RC racing scene is the 1:12 scale size. Trinity Black Widow 12 is the latest evolution of the successful Reflex 12.

Super low pod design for a lower center of gravity and the ability to run the smallest possible rear tires. Now with easily adjustable front suspension.


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