Nitro Car Fuel – What It Is and How to Use It

Discover what goes into your nitro car fuel… it’s important!

So, what makes your nitro RC car run?

If you own a nitro remote control car or are considering getting one, it’s important for you to know about nitro car fuel and how to use it so as to let your nitro RC car last as long as possible and bring you the maximum enjoyment.

There are three components to nitro car fuel, also known as glow fuel: nitromethane, methanol, and castor oil. The nitromethane is what powers the car, and the more of it is in the fuel, the more power the nitro engine can produce.

But if your fuel uses more nitromethane, it also means that you will need to retune your engine more frequently. If you do not retune your engine after using high-nitro fuel, it will cease functioning.

Remember: you also need to periodically tune your engine so that your carburetor can readily adjust to changes in temperature and atmospheric pressure.

Furthermore, only certain kinds of engines are designed to accept high-nitro fuel. Make sure you examine the manufacturer’s instructions to see if your RC car nitro engine can accommodate it safely.

When you look at your nitro car fuel container, you will see two percentages on the label. The bigger, bolder number gives the percentage of nitromethane in the fuel, which can range from 15% to 30% for most fuels. The smaller number gives you the percentage of castor oil, ranging from 8% to 16%, with 12% a good medium. The castor oil is a necessary lubricant for the engine’s inner parts; you also need it to carry the fuel throughout the engine.

If you want to calculate the percentage of methanol in your nitro’s fuel, just subtract the percentage of castor oil and the percentage of nitromethane from 100%.

Here are some more fuel tips to help you keep your nitro RC cars in excellent shape. Try not to vary the fuel you use too often unless you run out of the fuel you used before and can’t get any more. A different percentage of oil or nitromethane in the fuel results in the nitro’s engine running at a different temperature and too much variation in temperature will cause your engine to wear out sooner. If you can manage it, stick to the same fuel for a long time.

Typically, you will not want your nitro car fuel to mix with air before it goes into the carburetor. While it’s still in the container, it runs that risk, however, especially as you use up more of it and leave space for air in the container. You can prevent the fuel from mixing with air by squeezing your container so that the fuel rises to the top. Then put the cap on the container; make sure you also have either the neck plug from the container or some plastic wrap to further prevent air entering.

If you want to get a package which will give you all the tools for maintaining your nitro RC car and fueling it properly, Megatech offers an inexpensive Deluxe Nitro Performance Pack to give you all the instruments you need in one convenient purchase.

The more you learn about the fuel your nitro powered RC car uses, the better care you will take of your car and the longer it will serve you and provide you with fun and challenging experiences.


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