Mini & Micro Remote Control Cars

Get real racing experience in the palm of your hand. Mini and microΒ remote control cars and trucks are great fun.

With about 5 to 6 inches in length, mini remote control cars can be run just about anywhere. The excitement you get with mini remote control cars and trucks is as great as the one you get with the larger RC vehicles. Mini r/c cars come in different types: mini racing cars, mini trucks, mini tanks, mini stunt vehicles, and more … There’s a mini RC car available for everyone – for maximum fun.

Most Popular Mini RC Cars And Trucks

Mini remote control cars come in a variety of types:

  • Tamiya Mini 4WD (1/32 scale)
  • Kyosho Mini Z Street Racers (1/28 scale)
  • Kyosho Mini Z Formula 1 (1/28 scale)
  • HPI Micro RS4 (1/18 scale)

Micro Remote Control Cars

Micro remote control cars are sometimes also called mini remote control cars. However, we refer to RC model cars with about 2 inches in length as micro remote control cars.

Micro remote control cars are the smallest remote controlled vehicles available on the market. Handling control and speed with these micro remote control cars requires some practice, but you get a whole lot of fun.

Most Popular Micro Remote Control Cars And Trucks

Micro remote control cars come in a variety of types too:

  • Hobbico MicroSizers – aka Tomy Bit Char-G in Japan (1/64 scale)
  • Epoch Indoor Racers (1/43 scale)
  • Takara Digi Q (1/66 scale)

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