RC Car Turbo: How to Install a Turbocharger on Your Nitro RC Car

There is no doubt that RC cars are indeed fast and furious, especially if you consider acquiring or have already bought a nitro-powered remote-controlled model.

Acceleration is pretty impressive in these models, but you can tune them in order to enhance their acceleration with extra capabilities. That’s right! Tuning is not meant exclusively for real-life cars, but also for RC cars.

RC car manufacturers offer several options for turbochargers as speed enhancements. But we wish to offer a more interesting alternative. How about making your own turbocharger out of scratch? This endeavor is indeed a challenge, so we only recommend it for experienced RC cars users. However, if you are indeed an RC car enthusiast, it can be really fun to actually build something out of scratch for your car instead of simply buying it.

What do you need for building your new turbocharger? An RC supercharger, nitrous injection mechanism, charger heads, flywheels, zip ties, a fuel line, and fuel cell and thread locks. If you haven’t done this before, it’s a good idea to connect with fellow RC car enthusiasts for tips or any kind of help.

Step 1. Select a turbocharger which is suitable in terms of weight and design with your nitro RC car. This is paramount because even a slight weight difference will cause balancing and controlling issues.

Step 2. You should affix the nitrous injection mechanism to the supercharger. Be sure to read the instruction manual that comes with it.

Step 3. Attach the fuel line or fuel cell to the turbocharger and use the thread locks to secure their attachment.

Step 4. Now you should choose the perfect position for your turbocharger on your RC car. This varies according to the design of your car, but make sure you always attach it to the exhaust header and intake manifold, which supplies fuel or air to the cylinders.

Step 5. Mount the turbocharger on your RC car. This always depends on your nitro RC car.

Step 6. Also, attach the flywheels your RC car’s body. These will store extra energy and mediate energy output. They will help ensure higher performance for your car.

Now that the turbocharger is mounted, you can take your car for a spin! Be careful though, because the turbocharger increases your acceleration and top speed, but there might be problems with the car’s stability. Some accessories could help stabilize your car, such as a wheel adapter kit.

Faster speeds increased stability, these can be the keys for conquering the race track!


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