How to Build RC Trucks

Are you an RC car enthusiast? Then surely you know that one of the best parts of this hobby is that you can actually assemble your own RC vehicle. Not to mention it’s very rewarding to see the car that you put together with your own two hands speeding down a race track.

Building your own RC truck gives you the possibility to customize your vehicle. You can lose some extra weight by leaving out the unnecessary parts and add only the components you think are important. Some of the non-standard parts you might want to add, in order to obtain better performance, are wheelie bars and turbo-charging units.


  • Hardware trays
  • RC truck kit
  • Pliers
  • Flush cutters
  • An old towel
  • Hex drivers
  • Screwdrivers
  • Hobby knife

Having all the tools you need doesn’t mean you can begin assembling the truck. First, it’s important that you carefully go through the instructions. You’ll save a lot of time and hassle if you know what to expect during the process of building your RC truck. Also, manuals may offer useful tips and tricks. Sometimes, you can even find a helpline on the box.

Another thing you should do before you begin to assemble your RC car is to get organized. Arrange your screws by size and organize all your parts in groups. Put them on individual hardware trays or in bowls.

Grab an old towel and lay it down. It will help you keep your work area clean, absorb spilt fluids and keep your parts from rolling off, in case you drop them.

Take out all the tools you’ll need and keep them at hand. If you’re assembling a nitro-powered RC truck, regular pliers are better than channel-lock pliers. Investing in some quality tools will be worth the financial effort. Low-quality ones tend to break easily, so you’ll end up having to replace them anyway.

Now that everything’s ready, you can begin building your RC truck. Follow the instructions and diagrams in your manual and don’t skip any steps. Take your time and make sure everything is properly assembled and secured, before moving on to the next step.

Small screws are easily installed if they’re lubricated with some soap. Don’t attach parts – especially the tires – until you’re sure that they are oriented correctly.

The first couple of trucks you build should be simpler. As you gain experience and begin to figure out how to properly assemble an RC vehicle, you can try out a few models that are more complex. Don’t forget: practice makes perfect.

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