Get Ready to Race With Slotcars!

If you are into remote control cars, consider extending your hobby to a smaller size of vehicles that pack a lot of fun into a small amount of space.

Slot cars can be raced indoors on a track that can fit on a large table. A slot car has a blade or pin on the bottom that fits into a slot on the slot car track. Each track has multiple slots to enable several slotcars – sometimes as many five or six – to race against one another.

If you want to own a life-like slotcar, then there are numerous exciting possibilities for you. You can get a NASCAR slot car that replicates with amazing accuracy the design of one of your favorite racecars. Many other kinds of vehicles – from passenger sedans to racecars of virtually every kind – are represented among slot car models.

Slot cars are electrically powered by means of a small motor inside them. They are quite small; the largest common slot car size is 1:24 scale. Many are available in 1:32 scale or in the much smaller HO scale. An HO slot car can correspond to 1:87, 1:76, or 1:64 scale. No matter how much space you can devote to slot car racing, there are cars out there that will suit your needs. There are even some 1:43 scale slot cars to go along with O-gauge train sets! These are remarkably affordable and steadily gaining in popularity.

You control slotcars by means of a handheld device that is connected to the slot car race track by means of wires. The device looks somewhat like a pistol, and pressing the trigger on it makes the car move. The force you apply to the trigger will determine how fast the car will move. The challenge of slot car racing is to ensure that the car stays within its slot on the slot car raceway. If the car goes too fast, it can slip off on one of the curves!

Model car enthusiasts of all ages and experience levels can enjoy racing slot cars. They are safe, clean, fun, and inexpensive. An entire slot car race set can be purchased at a highly lucrative price. Get together some friends and prepare for an exciting adventure! Take a look at the slot cars we have to offer at RC Cars Hobby and find some of the best equipment for slot car racing.


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