Facts and myths about electric brushless motors

The electric brushless motor is one interesting invention in the world of RC cars. Its way of functioning is slightly different than the brushed motor, which is usually found in toy-grade or RC cars for beginners in this field.

How does this one work? Small contact brushes inside the motor cause it to spin.

On the other hand, the brushless motor has the appeal of the massive power it can deliver to your RC car. They don’t have brushes within the motor, which is great because there is less friction. Brushless motors usually handle more voltage than the brushed version.

In brushless motors, the windings are stationary in the motor, while the magnets are mounted on the rotor. They are now the moving part and the commutation is done electronically with the help of an integrated sensor circuit in the motor and an electronic speed controller. The advantages of having a brushless RC motor include no loss of commutation due to the brushes flying over the commutator, no resistance of the brushes and a higher capability of producing power. There are, however, some disadvantages about brushless motors, such as the high demand that it, along with the electronic speed controller put on the power supply. Another impediment could be the amount of heat produced that poses a real threat to these components.

Since it has a great reputation among RC car enthusiasts, racers and fans, the brushless motor has drawn up some interesting myths which would be fun to approve or disprove. The first one relates to the fact that brushless motors are practically indestructible. This is obviously false, as they can be susceptible to short-circuits due to faulty winding or debris entering the motor. As we said above, heat can also cause it to break. Also, sometimes the magnets used on the motor can demagnetize themselves due to continued use.

Another myth that certainly needs disproving is the fact that brushless motors require no maintenance. This is obviously false as frequent cleaning, the replacement of bearings is some of the most useful tips in order to prolong your motor’s lifespan. Moreover, we have to think of the fact that dust and debris can cause massive damage to it.

Some say that if you have a brushless motor on your electric RC car, the batteries won’t really matter. This is also false, as the brushless system depends on high voltage to work at its maximum potential. The bottom line is that you could really use high-quality batteries for your electric RC car.

Myth no. 4 concerns the fact that torque and rpm of brushless motors are practically the same as in brushed motors. This statement is also false, but you should remember that you might have to give one up for the other.

What about the myths of brushless motor performance? There is no clear way to improve the brushless motor’s performance other than the speed control. Also, remember that good quality battery packs make a huge difference in the motor’s endurance on the track.

In the end, just remember that if you want to become an avid racer in the RC car world, you should definitely choose a car with a brushless motor, due to their overall greater performance.


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