Do-it-yourself tips for RC car racers

Taking up remote control car racing as a hobby can be a lot of fun, once you’ve learned how to improve your car’s performance.

Not everyone’s an engineer though, so you if you’re not quite familiar with the way remote control cars work, you should look at these basic tips on how to keep your car and engine clean and free from harmful particles.

The easiest way to protect your RC car’s engine is to get a good air filter. Another thing you can do is purchase Dubro body klip retainers. When using them, you need to make sure they’re not loose and stay clipped at all times.

Here’s another problem RC car racers frequently encounter: even though the car’s wheels are straight, the vehicle keeps steering either to the left or to the right. How do you fix this? First, check and see whether your car has a “steering trim” option. Either use this option or if you can’t find it, try adjusting the steering servo armature length. One of these two solutions should make the problem go away.

The screw heads need cleaning pretty often as well because the dirt particles accumulated under the chassis tend to affect them. These parts need to be cleaned by spraying some denatured alcohol on them. This lets you simply remove the dirt with a paper clip. Denatured alcohol is more effective than simple motor cleaners.

In order to maintain your RC car in good shape, you need to clean it almost on a daily basis, or at least once after every day of heavy racing. While compressed air works best in this cleaning process, you can also use an old piece of wool or cotton cloth. Just watch out for any loose threads, as these can damage your car parts if they happen to get inside the engine. Use small brushes to clean the areas you can’t reach with the cloth and a toothbrush to clean the mud stuck under the chassis. Choose brushes with softer bristles, to protect the paint on your car.

A good way to keep dust and other dirt particles out of your tires are to drill them on the outside edge, in the middle, and not on the rim. This will keep them in balance for much longer. But drilling the rims will make dirt stick to the wheels.

If you want to make your own chassis, try using a circuit board or an aluminum plate. Clamp the original chassis to the board with vise grips, then drill holes through the ones already existing in the original chassis.

Here’s a trick to improve the runtime of your RC car: charge it a couple of times. After two or three charging cycles, you should get a better run time. Don’t overdo it, though, or you might ruin your battery.

Hope these tips will help you improve the performance of your RC car. Try them out and enjoy the race!

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