Traxxas RC cars

What are Traxxas RC cars, anyway?

In this article, we will write about a very popular type of RC cars: the Traxxas RC Cars. So, what do you need to know about these RC Cars? Well, there is a good deal for you to learn about them, for instance, the advantages and disadvantages of electric and nitro Traxxas RC Cars.

We suppose that you aren’t very much informed about what these RC Cars can actually do, so before we go any further, I will introduce them to you. The best way to describe them is by saying that these are the cars you always wished for as you were growing up. The Traxxas RC Cars are nothing like the various RC Cars that you can find at the popular toy stores across the USA.

For those just beginning to explore this hobby, these RC Cars are meant to simulate the experience of having a real car, but from a distance. These vehicles are slightly larger than most of the marketed RC Cars and considerably smaller than a normal car. This means that they offer better performance than other popular RC Cars and much better handling.

The main reason why people choose these RC cars is that they can go much faster than the other vehicles. You’ll get the chance to read more about this as we go along. These high speeds are achieved with the help of either electric or nitro engines. There is a never-ending debate among RC enthusiasts and owners of these types of cars as to which of the two motors offers better performance.

The first thing that helps these cars run at incredible speeds is electric power. This was one of the most unfavorable routes that Traxxas had to take when their RC Cars got launched on the market. But in the present days, their vehicles can run as fast as 65 – 70 mph and that is a really impressive feature of these RC Cars. The engines of the electric Traxxas RC Cars are easier to maintain when needed.

On the other hand, nitro-powered RC Cars are harder to maintain since the engine is more complex. If you own one of these cars, you really need to know what you are doing. Otherwise, you can cause serious damage to your engine.

The reason why some RC Car owners prefer the nitro-powered ones is that these cars may reach some of the highest speeds and they have the most impressive engine structures.

Even if the electric RC Cars have caught up with the performance and design of these vehicles, nitro RC Cars can still offer so much more. You could enter these two types of RC cars in a head-to-head race and they would definitely be very close to each other, at the finish line.

Many say that electric cars are the easier way to go, but there might be a lot of Traxxas owners that disagree. However, my personal preferences are electric RC Cars.

If you have some opinions of your own regarding the cons and pros of buying an electric or a nitro-powered RC car, you are welcome to share them here. Don’t be shy, leave us a comment and tell us your opinion!


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