Off-Road Remote Control Cars And Trucks

Off-road RC car racing is extremely popular. Off-road remote control cars give you the feeling of jumping and bumping, bashing through the backyard, and flying through the air.

Off-road remote control cars are designed with long shock absorbers and big tires giving them the ability to tackle virtually any terrain with ease.

Off-road remote control cars are great for racing on race tracks or just bashing in the backyard, on a dirt track, at the park, or just anywhere. Some off-road remote control cars can even be converted into an on-road RC car by changing the wheels.

Off-road remote control cars come with electric motors or nitro gas-powered engines, 2WD or 4WD, and in different types: off-road buggies, off-road trucks, Monster Trucks, …

Most Popular Off-Road Remote Control Cars And Trucks

Here’s a quick overview of the most popular categories of gas RC cars:

1) Off-Road Buggies: Off-road buggies are designed for high speed and acceleration. Recommended for the serious RC racer. With its smaller tires, the off-road buggies should be run on smoother off-road terrain.

Popular Choices:

  • Traxxas B4 Buggy

2) Off-Road Trucks: Off-road trucks are great for backyard bashing. While not as fast as off-road buggies, off-road trucks are designed for jumping and bumping. Great Fun. Recommended for beginners of the RC car hobby.

Popular Choices:

  • Traxxas Stampede

3) Off-Road Monster Trucks: RC Monster Trucks have been the most popular RC cars in recent years. That’s no wonder if you look at their features. These giants are the undisputed heroes of remote control cars. RC Monster Trucks come in 1/8 scale and 1/10 scale, 2WD and 4WD.

Popular Choices:

  • Traxxas TMaxx
  • HPI Savage

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