Nitro Cars – Cheap Gas Fuel Powered Traxxas & Drift Cars

Nitro RC Cars are some of the most realistic RC cars on the planet. From their sound tuned exhaust pipe, the real smoke spewing from the tiny motor to the ‘rumble’ you hear from the exhaust when you step on the gas.

Part of the appeal and popularity of the Nitro RC car is the realistic attributes that have been scaled down, yet very much brought to life in such a small package. Before you can or should appreciate the body or the color scheme someone chose on their Nitro remote control car, you should first know what makes it so special.

Once you’ve taken the time to dissect these tiny gas-powered RC monsters, you’ll be able to do some creative things. If you’re handy with, well..hand tools you should be able to get pretty much any Nitro car body to fit on a variety of RC car chassis. The body styles of Nitro cars have changed just about as frequently as an actual automobile manufacturer. The ultimate goal is to create a design that is better looking and more aerodynamic in order to go faster and look good doing it. Due to the size of the RC Nitro car bodies, they are relatively easy to paint and customize. Nitro car drivers usually go with something they can easily recognize, while others might choose something old school or emulate the car they drive to work.

As you can imagine with anything that reaches a high top-end speed, several crashes occur with Nitro cars. When drivers are hugging turns and taking corners tight, it’s only a matter of time before they come in contact with another and someone goes flying. More often than not, that means catastrophic damage to the Nitro car that was sent sailing. If you attend any local RC race, you’re bound to catch an eye full of dramatic races full of some exciting crashes. Though no driver likes to see their Nitro car go flying (for several obvious reasons), they sure are a fan favorite.

Another fan favorite is when the Remote Control Nitro cars catch some serious air when they hit the dirt ramps. Nitro cars are equipped with state of the art Remote control suspension parts that are designed to absorb the impact of hard landings. If you’re a seasoned driver and comfortable behind the wheel (controller), hitting a ramp in your Nitro car can be just as exciting for the driver as it is for the children watching. It’s important not to turn your wheels upon landing or you could be setting yourself up for disaster; part of the risk you take when you decide to join the RC world. Just about every Nitro radio control car out there is capable of very high speeds and that means very high jumps!

Nitro Cars are probably the most exciting vehicles to drive and watch. They are fast, they are loud and the wipeouts usually means broken parts and angry owners. Nitro cars have gotten pretty affordable in recent years, making RC racing more competitive and more enjoyable for fans. If you want a high intensity, breathtaking jumps and a sweet sound that is music to RC enthusiasts’ ear, you can pick a remote control Nitro car that is pretty fast for pretty cheap.


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