Mini RC cars

What are Mini RC cars, anyway?

Mini RC cars are small and speedy radio-controlled vehicles that. Donโ€™t be fooled by the fact that they look so small. Theyโ€™re packed with powerful engines that help them run down the race tracks at impressive speeds. They can run at over 20 mph! And the fact that theyโ€™re easy to design and assemble in your own garage adds to the fun.

The Baja bugs by Kyosko and Tamtech cars by Tamiya were among the first mini RC cars to be put on the market, at the beginning of the โ€˜90s. Since then, technology has advanced a lot and these models became less popular and less valuable in the eyes of RC enthusiasts.

Another advantage is that these mini RC cars donโ€™t need a lot of space for race tracks. A small area, garage or any street will do. You have many models and types of mini RC cars or super micro RC vehicles to choose from and this makes everything so much more exciting.

1/18 Mini RC Buggies

If youโ€™re a 1/8 buggy fan, looking to switch to mini RC vehicles, then Kyoshoโ€™s 1/16 scale electric-powered version of its 1/8 nitro buggy might be the right car for you. True nitro fans can buy the MIWI, a ready-to-run 1/16 mini RC gas-powered buggy. It has aluminum countersunk chassis, a 0.5 cc nitro engine, full ball bearings, a 2-channel wheel radio and 3 differentials.

One of the most popular micro RC Cars is released by Team Associated. The RC18B model, a 4WD, shaft driven, 1/18 scale electric powered mini RC buggy would also make a good choice.
Yokomo also offers a 1/18 scale electric buggy. The Yokomo RC MB-4 is very similar to the Kyosho Half 8 Mini Inferno.

1/18 Mini RC Trucks

The 1/18 CEN Mini Madness RC truck has a 540 size electric motor. It comes with an 1800 mAh battery and charger and has 8 coils over shock absorbers, a fully independent suspension, pre-mounted tires with foam inserts and adjustable gear ratios.

Team Losiโ€™s Mini LST is a 4WD 1/18 scale electric-powered version of the Losi Super Truck. It has an aluminum dual-deck chassis, long-arm suspension, 4 oil-filled shock absorbers, two โ€œfrenzy 370โ€ณ electric motors, 3 slipper differentials, and a 7.2-volt rechargeable battery pack and charger.

1/28 Mini RC Cars

In the past few years, Kyosho Mini-2 and HPI Micro RS 4 RT4 have become extremely popular in the world of mini RC cars. Also, the Kyosho Mini Z and the Tamiya M-chassis are some of the best-selling models.

The Kyosho Mini-Z is 130 mm long, 65 mm wide. It has a minimum turn radius of 200 mm. The HPI Micro RS4 is a very popular 1/18 scale electric 4WD mini RC car with full ball bearings. RC hobbyists can choose from micro RS4 RTR versions of BMW, Chevy and Nissan Skyline.

These are recommended for beginners, but more advanced players can buy kits and assembles these models on their own.

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