How to protect your RC receiver

Has your RC car been behaving erratically? Does it look like it might be a radio glitch? Well, then itโ€™s probably because of your receiverโ€™s been damaged.

When fluids reach your receiver โ€“ whether itโ€™s oil, water, fuel, snow, raindrops, mud or some juice you just spilled โ€“ the can cause malfunctions. Sometimes, youโ€™ll simply notice some erratic behavior in your RC car. But if your receiver gets soaked in liquids, it might be permanently ruined.

But fluids arenโ€™t the only thing that may damage your receiver. Vibrations or even a sudden jolt can knock some wires loose in your antenna. Crashing, jumping and landing on some rough terrain may very well cause some damage in your receiver system.

This article will teach you what you need to do to protect your RC carโ€™s receiver from moisture and vibration.

Cover your receiver

The first thing you can do to protect your receiver is to get use a fitted receiver cover. This will prevent any damages caused by moisture. It will even offer a bit of protection against vibrations. Some RC receivers come with a cover. If you didnโ€™t get one, you can either buy one or use a balloon as a cover. Party balloons make an inexpensive and efficient receiver cover. Make sure you seal the end of the balloon properly. For this, you can use a zip tie.

Seal the receiver box

There are a few models of RC cars that have a protective box containing the receiver. Take a closer look at it and make sure this box is properly sealed. If the box isnโ€™t sealed, one thing you can do is take some silicone tape, wrap it around the lid and around the hole where the wires come out as well. Another way to seal the RC receiver box is to get some petroleum jelly or grease and run a thin layer around the open edge of the box. Doing this will help seal the lid when itโ€™s closed. You can also seal the edges with some silicone caulk. Putting some foam or cotton around the hole and applying petroleum jelly over it will help keep the wires tight. You can use either one of these methods, but make sure you repeat the process each time you open the receiver box.

Protection from vibration

Before you wrap the cover or the balloon around the receiver, put a piece of foam under it. This way, youโ€™ll protect it from vibration. If your RC receiver has its own protective case, stuff some foam in it.

Other tips on how to protect your receiver

Always try to keep the receiver far away from the engine. If itโ€™s possible, move it as far from it as you can. This will help reduce vibrations. Secure your receiver batteries in place with some tape. This way they wonโ€™t come loose due to the vibrations.

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