How to Build Your Own RC Race Car

Making your own RC race car is simple today since you have the advantage of purchasing kits.

The kits have manuals that instruct you on how to build trains, helicopters, planes, cars, trucks, planes, etc. Keep in mind that fuel, electric, and battery-operated vehicles are available.

To build your own RC car for races, the first thing you want to do is consider your intentions. Obviously, you want to race the vehicle, however, you must realize that oval, off road, on road, indoor, and outdoor racing is some of the races that take place in RC trucks, cars, planes, hobbies. To get started we can consider instructions.

Your radio control kit will come with a manual. The manual is important, which you will need to use it as a reference to consult with each step you take in building your RC model.

Checking the instructions before you get started will familiarize you with the process of building your own RC race car. If you study the instructions carefully, you can get a head start on the project by minimizing problems. You want to minimize problems before tearing down your assembled car parts.

When you start to build your racer, you will need to read the instructions to assemble shocks, tower, etc. Screw length, types, and locations are also significant. Shock towering often includes lengthy screws that attach the shocks, as well as the stud balls,  attach to cambers. The camber will link to one side of the vehicle near the tower or else attach on the parallel side. At this point, you want to pay close attention, since it is easy to mix up the components.

Your manual will have specific information and drawings to help you line up the screws. It is important that you follow the outlines and dots in the drawings to line up the screws. The kit often comes with the screws you will need to build your RC race car, yet the screws are deceiving.

Again, using your manual, you want to pay close attention to hub carriers and steering details. Your parts will have R (Right) and L (Left) stamps, which indicate where you are to attach the components.

To start building you will need a bench and/or table. As well, it is recommended that you place a towel beneath the parts to keep them intact. In addition, you want to use trays and parts, keeping the parts in close proximity while building your RC race car. You will need to check the manual provided in your RC kit to learn what tools you will need. Prepare ahead. The types of tools may include RPM driver(s), Trinity tools, and Hudy, MIP, or Thorp hex drivers. You will also need 2 Phillips screwdrivers and 1 small flat-bladed screwdriver around 1/14 inches. Jewelers or DuraTrax is recommended.

Additional tools include pliers, flush cutters, hobby knife, lube, etc. In conclusion, building your own RC Race Car is easy today, providing you follow the RC race car manual closely.


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