How to Build an RC Car off Road Track

If you don’t want to have to head down to the race tracks every time you feel like running your RC car, you can build your own off-road RC track. It’s a fun activity that doesn’t require a lot of tools, supplies or special skills.

If you have some time on your hands, you’ll see that, with a few basic tools, you can turn a patch of soil into a very cool off-road race track, with berms, jumps, and obstacles.

The best part is that you can customize the race track just the way you like it, adding straightaways and tight corners, various sections with sand or rocks. You can make it more or less complicated, to fit your driving skill level. The off-road RC track you build may have easy, intermediate or expert sections.

In order to build an off-road track, you need a patch of land of 20 feet by 20 feet, covered with dirt, a few wood stakes, some ½ inch diameter rope, and a shovel.

Start by preparing a square patch of land of 400 square feet or more. This means removing all the grass, weeds or debris from this area. Clean the land from all plants, until there’s only dirt left. The dirt remaining on the track will be used as the roadway.

In the middle of the square patch of dirt you just made, make an oval shape and mark it with a few wooden stakes. The length of the oval has to be about 10 feet. This will serve as the middle barrier for your new race track. The RC cars will race around it.

Grab the rope and wind it around the stakes. This way, you’ll form a barrier around the oval area that will serve as the center of the track. After you’re done, grab the shovel and fill the oval area you just marked with dirt, rocks or other material, in order to create a solid barrier.

Create the outer edge of the track by shoveling dirt around it and forming a berm. The sloping berm has to be smooth and even.

Then, shovel some dirt and create a uniform pile across the track and pile up the dirt from the outer edge to the oval barrier on the inside. Keep doing this until you manage to create a jump for the RC cars.

When you’re done with the jump, create a runway leading up to it smoothly. This way, the RC cars will speed up and off of the lip of the jump.

You can design and build your off-road RC car track exactly the way you like it. You can build more oval barriers so that the track will have more turns. You can even make your RC off-road RC track similar to a winding mountain road.

If you want more rough sections, you can turn up the dirt, add rocks or other obstacles. You can create sandpits by digging holes and filling them with sand.

Always consider the speed of your RC vehicle. If it runs really fast, your custom-built off-road race track has to be much bigger. Make sure not to make it too small or add too many sharp corners, otherwise, it will be impossible to successfully maneuver your RC car on your off-road RC track.


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